How do we do it?

We automate the tools of the hackers to see what they can find out about your people

High level concept

Imagine a snowy forest with the likes of deer or other animals walking around. They leave footprints in the snow that hunters can track to find and kill their prey. For us, the deer and other forest animals are the people leaving traces of their online behavior on the internet through their everyday activities – we protect them from the hunter, that is the hacker, by hiding those footprints and raising awareness of the forest dwellers about the threat of the hunter.

TitanGrid focuses on securing the individual.

The Problem

Recently Google and Facebook got scammed out of a $100M by a Lithuanian guy pretending to be an Asian contractor. They are one of the biggest companies in the world with the best security, yet they still lose $100M to a social engineering attack by a single guy half a world away. What can they do...? Social Engineering can't be solved by infrastrucuture security. Currently companies have no visibility on individals personal risk and no means to effectively educate them.

What are you doing to protect your people?

How We Can Help

We will identify your employees individual cyber risk through our fully automated threat intelligence platform. With the visibility we provide you can: find out who are most at risk, what the threat landscape looks like, do targeted training and plan better security actions. Additionally, your employees will also receive a personal security portal where they see notifications about their digital footprint, have control over their own data, do security actions and learn about different threats.

We will show you how the cyber criminal sees your company and your people.

Why use TitanGrid?

Companies come to us when they:

Feel that their employee's individual cyber risk is a risk to their business.

Wish to recover from data breaches.

Want to avoid reputation loss caused by data breach.

Need a detailed overview on how the hackers see their employees.

Look for advice on how to raise cyber awareness among their employees.

Plan targeted cost-effective cyber training programs.

Schedule a Demo

Open Beta

  • Features:
  •  Identify personal cyber risk
  •  Detect leaked data
  •  Educate your workforce
  •  Discover the Threat Landscape
  •  Real time updates
  •  Portal for employees
  •  Company dashboard

To participate in the Beta for TitanGrid, send us an e-mail at

In the e-mail, include the following:

Your First and Last name

The Name of your Company

The Website for your Company

How many employees you would like to add to our platform

Our Team

The professionals who help you protect your employees

Aleks Koha

Aleks Koha


With over 5 years of experience in startups - Aleks is our leader and visionary.

Oliver Loit

Leonardo Romanello


Started breaking computers at the age of 10, Leo can now build anything and he's in charge of our technology.

Oliver Loit

Oliver Loit


With over 8 years experience in business - Oliver deals with operational & legal aspects.

Gerhard Villem

Gerhard Villem


Gerhard, our communications specialist has over 3 years of sales experience. He manages our clients and marketing.

Joseph Carson

Joseph Carson - CISSP, CSPO, CSP

Strategic Advisor

Joseph is a Cyber Security expert with over 25 years of experience in the field. He makes sure we get our product right.